Radio host Tony Cruise joins me today to help dispel the myth that winter is a bad time to sell your home—it can be a great time!

With the changing weather and fallen leaves that come with winter, sellers often fall prey to the misconception that they can’t sell their homes this time of the year. That’s nothing more than a myth—there are real advantages to selling your home in the wintertime. 840 WHAS radio host Tony Cruise joins me today to share what you need to know about selling your home in the winter.

First, there are still buyers looking for homes in the wintertime. On top of that, those buyers who brave the cold to look for homes only do so because they need to buy a home now. You won’t find as many tire-kickers cruising around now as you will in the spring and summer.

Also, there are fewer homes on the market around this time because many homeowners think their homes won’t sell in the winter. That’s just not true! Homes sell all year long, and the fact that there are fewer homes available when there’s snow on the ground only means sellers will have less competition. This, in turn, means that your listing will stick out all the more and buyers will likely beat a path to your door to land your home.  

“Christmas Day is the hottest day of the year to search for homes online.”

Sellers may also hesitate to list their homes over the winter because they don’t want to move during the holidays. Here’s the thing: If you don’t want to show your home during the holidays, you can simply say so!

The truth of the matter is that now is the best time to get your home on the market. If you don’t think that January would be the best month to sell, then consider February and March; the biggest influx of homes will hit the market come April, May, and June. So if you list your home in February or March, you’re still ahead of the game. Buyers on the market at that time will find your listing, and so will the new buyers who weren’t looking in the heart of winter.

If all those reasons weren’t enough, consider this: Christmas Day is the hottest day of the year to search for homes online. Why is that? Well, people are spending time with their families and thinking about something fresh for the new year. The holidays fill people with warm and fuzzy feelings, and it’s a prime time to consider the next phase of their lives.

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