What our low-housing inventory market looks like for buyers and sellers.

You might have heard me discussing the shortage of homes available for sale, but I’d like to visually demonstrate just how severe this shortage is. Buyers, take note. We understand that this isn’t an ideal time for home buying. I believe both buyers and sellers are in for surprises.

At 0:19 in the video, take a glance at this Realtor.com graph illustrating new and active listings. All of them are strikingly low. New listings represent homes recently listed on the market, while active listings encompass all currently available homes when the data was captured. In comparison to the past few typical years, the difference in both metrics is substantial.

“Fewer homes are coming onto the market.”

What this implies is that buyers now have roughly half the options they would in a standard housing market. This holds true both nationally and within Louisville and southern Indiana. So, how does this situation affect you? Well, the scarcity of available houses benefits you as a seller. Due to the limited number of homes, your property is more likely to capture a buyer’s attention.

For buyers, it’s crucial to collaborate with a team capable of promptly getting you into a home. Houses are being sold within hours and days. Thus, it’s important to work with an agent or team that can secure you immediate access to potential homes.

If you’re ready to consider selling your house or making a purchase, let’s connect to discuss the process and details. To get in touch or send me a question for a potential in-person response or to be addressed on the radio, you can email me at Bob@weselllouisville.com. Alternatively, feel free to call me at (502) 376-5483. I look forward to hearing from you.