If you’re a pet-owner who plans to sell your house, here are a few tips to remember.

Today I’m here with Chloe and JJ, my two German shepherds, to talk about pets. They’re the loves of my life, and they certainly keep me very active and busy. But if you’re planning to sell your home while you own pets, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure the process is smooth and comfortable for all involved.

For one, make sure your pets aren’t present when you show your home—this includes odors, sights, and sounds. Even though buyers might love pet-friendly homes, they don’t want to be reminded of pet messes as they tour your property. Put your pets’ toys and food dishes somewhere out of sight during the showing.

Also, don’t use candles or spray scents to cover up pet smells; that will send a red flag to buyers. They will wonder what odors you’re covering up. Instead, try baking some nice-smelling foods like bread or cookies, which are a pleasant way to cover up odors and give your property an inviting, homey feel.

“Don’t use candles or spray scents to cover up pet smells, as that will send a red flag to buyers.”

If you have any furniture or cabinets that have been damaged by pets, have those damages repaired as professionally as possible so that they don’t detract from the condition of the home. We use a fleece blanket to protect our leather couch from the scent and fur of our dogs, who love to lay on it. That way, I can just wash the blanket whenever it gets too smelly

Similarly, clean up your yard where your pets play and do their business. If there are patches of dead grass, put down some seed and water them so that your buyers can at least get an idea of your yard’s potential.

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