Here’s how you and your family can stay on top of your smoke detectors.

Today I want to share a clip with you from my Sunday morning real estate show, which is on 840 WHAS-AM at 8:30 a.m. In this clip, we’re answering a common question we received from a listener about smoke detectors. How can you keep your family safe? Is there a best place to put them?

You can listen to our full conversation in the video above, or skip to each topic using the timestamps provided:

0:00 — Introduction and Mario’s question

1:11 — Brad Lawler’s thoughts

1:52 — Jefferson County’s codes

2:40 — When do you need to replace hardwired smoke detectors before you sell?

3:50 — You may need to upgrade all your smoke detectors when you make a major renovation

5:06 — How much will new smoke detectors cost you?

6:15 — The issue with our smoke detector regulations

7:15 — Our common sense smoke detector advice

7:55 — Where to hear more of our show and reach out to my team

If you have any questions about today’s video, please call or email me. I’d love to speak with you.