Why curb appeal is so important when it comes to selling homes.

I’m coming to you from Monte Torre on the Spanish island of Monaca to prove a point about curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell a home, good curb appeal is the best way to get a buyer into your property.

If you watch at 0:33 in the video, you can see just how gorgeous the view is over the railing. However, once I turn around to the statue of Jesus, it doesn’t look as stunning. There are nine different broadcast towers surrounding the statue, and as beautiful as this area is, those towers have a way of pulling you out of the experience.

Curb appeal means everything; the visuals mean everything. Luckily, there are ways to make your home look better. Paint anything that looks rusty, repair any rotting wood, put a new layer of mulch, and add a splash of color by planting some flowers. Make sure all your shrubs look green. If they’re dying, cut them back, remove them, or help make them green again. Just a few untidy shrubs can make buyers think there’s a hidden problem.

“Good curb appeal gets buyers excited about seeing your home.”

Walk around your property and see what might be a problem. The backyard should also look as pristine as possible. If anything seems out of order, it’s time to get it in order. Once the outside looks good, it’s time to work on the inside, but that’s a whole other video. Just remember that the most important factor in getting a buyer to visit your home is what it looks like from the outside.

When buyers find your home on a real estate website, they look at the first outside picture and the next three indoor pictures. If they don’t like what they see, they’ve gone to look at a different home. These pictures are what get the buyer excited about putting an offer in on the house. 

Hopefully, this helps you put your home on the market because the market is hot. If you want me to come out and help you plan, there is no obligation or cost. Call me at (502) 376-5483, and we can go over a plan to sell when you want and get you as much money as humanly possible.