Homeowners have gained a lot of home equity in the past few years.

I have great news for homeowners, which doubles as a strong argument for why renters should think about buying a home. The amount of equity you have will make the decision to sell your house a whole lot easier. Chances are that you have more than you think, and that can be a game changer when you get ready to buy your next home.

As you pay down your home loan, and as home prices rise, your equity increases as well. Due to climbing home prices, your equity has likely grown quite a bit. Over the past year alone, homeowners have gained an average of $64,000 in home equity. When you sell your house, you can use that equity to help fuel your next move. It may even be enough to cover the down payment on your new home. 

Work with me to find out how much you have and how you can use it to help power your next move. You can reach out to me for a free, no-obligation call at (502) 376-5483. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your real estate goals.