Here’s how our day with Barbara Corcoran and other top agents went.

Today we’re in New York for a day with Barbara Corcoran and to shoot a new commercial that will air in Louisville and southern Indiana within the next couple of months. By now, most of the world knows about “Shark Tank” and Barbara Corcoran, an entrepreneur who’s made quite a name for herself. In addition to being incredibly intelligent, she’s also extremely friendly, which is likely part of why she’s done so well. I’ve known Barbara for almost eight years now, and it’s been a real honor. 

During this trip, we spent quality time with Barbara discussing our business, expansion, other plans for the future, and how we can help buyers and sellers back home even more. We also had a chance to speak to some of the other top real estate agents present about inventory; it’s an issue not just in Southern Indiana but the rest of the country too. 

Dayna Simmons from Beaumont, Texas, says inventory in her area is still tight but it’s begun to improve a little. Lance Kenmore from the tri-cities of Washington says they’re also having inventory problems, and there were times in 2021 when they had less than a one-month supply. Dar Walden from Anchorage, Alaska, says she thinks everything will be fine and things will settle down; inventory is low now, but she believes it will flow back to a somewhat normal number as long as interest rates don’t increase too much. 

“I’ve known Barbara for almost eight years now, and it’s been a real honor. ”

One of the issues many of us have found is that plenty of sellers are waiting to put their homes on the market because they can’t find (or are worried they won’t find) their next house. If you’re in this position, our team came up with a plan earlier this year that can help you: We’ll sell your home but negotiate with the buyer to let you stay in the house for up to two months after closing to give you time to find your next property. 

The main advantages of this are that you’ve already closed on your house, so you don’t have to make a contingent offer, and you have the money in hand to entice sellers that much more. Buyers are willing to give you extra time because there are so few homes out there. Agent Rowena Patton from Asheville, North Carolina did it with her own home sale; she negotiated to get five months to look for her next property! 

We’re available to receive your calls and emails if you’re ready to get your home on the market or want to find a new house. We’d love to help you.