Why buyers and sellers should act now instead of waiting for a price drop.

Today, I’m sharing some important data that affects both buyers and sellers. If you want to sell, this is a great time to put your home on the market because this is the best time to buy. I say this because there is some important information on home prices that has come up recently. 

Many people were worried about prices crashing, but if you’re waiting to buy until that happens, that might not be a great idea. The truth is that statistics show prices have already reached their low point and are climbing back up again in the majority of the country.

“Prices are going up, so waiting for them to go down isn’t smart.”

In November 2022, home prices were declining in 96% of the largest markets. However, in February 2023, home prices are increasing in 78% of those markets, which is a big change that is continuing to build as we enter May. Therefore, prices are going up, so waiting for them to go down isn’t smart. 

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