While I’m diving into Jamaica, let’s discuss Louisville’s housing market.

Today I am coming to you from sunny Jamaica. In my video, I have some great footage from when I went diving off the coast, but before we head underwater, let’s take a look at what’s happening in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Home sales both in Louisville and around the country are down year over year. This isn’t because of low demand; it’s actually the opposite problem. Our supply is historically low. This isn’t because of low demand. It’s the opposite problem: Our supply is historically low.

“Buyers are feeling the pressure to make a move.”

Many buyers are rushing into the market to snag a home before interest rates rise any further. It’s no secret that prices have been rising for a while, but houses have remained affordable because of our low interest rates. As those rates climb, buyers are beginning to feel the pressure to make a move.

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Now that we’ve taken a dive into our housing market, let’s dive into the beaches of Jamaica! I have some excellent footage starting at 2:10. I learned a lot through my escapades. For example, when you dive, it’s important to equalize your pressure as you head down or you’ll be in a lot of pain later. I went diving through the program at Sandals Resort, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Getting used to swimming completely underwater was a learning experience, but it felt natural by the end of my adventure.

I’ll be back in Louisville by the time this blog is published, so call or email if you have any questions about the market. I’d love to help you sell your home for as much money as possible!