Here’s how the home warranty industry has adapted to COVID-19.

How has COVID-19 affected the home warranty industry?

According to Dave Draper of Home Warranty of America, my guest for today’s video, there have been some slowdowns in their supply chain—a higher percentage than usual. Once the pandemic hit, Home Warranty of America immediately issued laptops to their employees and, much like everybody else, transitioned to a work-from-home dynamic. The problem, though, is that a lot of contractors closed their businesses because they were afraid of getting sick. Home Warranty of America saw this coming and sent out advisories to their partners to ask all customers a series of COVID-related questions before entering their home. This protects their customers and technicians. 

“If the concept of a home warranty is new to you, that’s understandable, but I strongly suggest getting one.”

The supply chain for heating and air systems and other appliances is thankfully rounding back into form, but you can do your part by extending the life of your current appliances. For example: 

  • Keep your refrigerator clean (especially the coils) and remember to occasionally defrost it.
  • Try not to overload your washer and dryer, and clean your dryer ducts regularly.
  • Change your A/C unit’s filter regularly and establish a spring and fall maintenance plan.

If the concept of a home warranty is new to you, that’s understandable, but I strongly suggest getting one (I’ve had one for at least 15 years). As Dave says, a home warranty provides security and peace of mind. There’s always going to be something that’s in need of repair in your home, and your home warranty contract can be bought along with the purchase of the home or on a monthly basis—often for less than the cost of cell phone insurance. If you have a home warranty, remember to call the warranty when something goes wrong so they can get it fixed for you immediately. 

As always, if you have questions about this topic or are thinking of buying or selling a home soon in our Southern Indiana/Louisville real estate market, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you.