Understanding the impact of falling mortgage rates on real estate.

Recent trends have shown that mortgage rates are on the decline, which is excellent news for anyone looking to buy a home. This drop in rates is enhancing affordability, making it easier for buyers to enter the market. But there’s another, often overlooked, advantage of this trend.

As mortgage rates decrease, we’re beginning to see a notable increase in the number of sellers listing their homes. This is particularly evident in the Louisville area, as shown in our latest graph of new listings. The surge in new listings for December is noteworthy, particularly since such an increase hasn’t been observed since 2020.

The reason behind this December’s distinctiveness lies in the mindset of potential sellers. Many had previously postponed their plans due to the high mortgage rates, not wanting to commit to a higher rate for their next home. However, with rates now trending downward, we’re witnessing a shift in attitude, with more sellers feeling ready to make their move.

“This drop in rates is enhancing affordability, making it easier for buyers to enter the market.”

While overall inventory may still be low, this shift promises more fresh options for buyers in their home search. If you’re considering buying or believe now might be the time to sell, the changing mortgage rate landscape could present new opportunities.

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